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Order Up! 

Meet the cast and crew of OCTC's latest show, Order Up!  Also, after the cast bios, see a note from our director, Iris Ballou!

Director's Note:

I am so happy to be back directing for OCTC again!  What a fun show this has been to work on.  The cast is amazing and you won’t believe all the talent in the room!

We have managed to put this show together with 4 weeks of rehearsals and everyone has worked extremely hard to bring their characters to life.  I think you’ll have a great time with this show, and anyone who has ever worked in Fast Food or a restaurant can definitely relate with some of the shenanigans going on. 

Thank you, patrons, for your continued support of OCTC.  The arts play a vital role in society and your support is critical to our success. Now sit back and enjoy the show!!

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