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OCTC and the City of Owasso are partnering on bringing fine arts to the people of Owasso. These
productions will use venues throughout the City like the Owasso Community Center, Redbud Festival Park,
and Bailey Ranch Golf Club. Each show will entertain various ages and involve participants from every walk
of life.
Each season runs from September to August, and we plan on having a minimum of four shows:

• Fall Kick‐off, Main Production in late September/Early October
• Winter Dining Experience, Dinner Show in March
• Spring Kid’s Show, Kid centric production in the Park
• Summer Festival, Jumpstart to next season

Other items that OCTC would participate in:
• Harvest Festival in November
• Lights‐On in December
• A Mid-season Class and Summer Camp for kid’s
• Experimental Theatre using open dates and venues

What's Happening at the Theatre?

Owasso Community Theatre Company (OCTC) was created in the summer of 2002 and we received our 501(c)3 non‐profit ruling in August 2004. We lead with William Inge's PICNIC in September of that same year. We continue to grow each year by offering Owasso and the surrounding areas exciting opportunities to participate in the
Performing Arts. Education classes at the Community Center, Children’s Shows at Redbud Park, Themed Festivals, and Stage Productions involve community members of all ages.

According to numerous studies, children who study the arts demonstrate stronger overall academic performance. At all ages and skill levels, participation in the arts benefits individuals by challenging them to think broadly, to attempt the new, and to take risks. OCTC is governed by a group of dedicated volunteers committed to this philosophy. Our goal is to produce shows and run workshops each season which will provide everyone, from young to old and regardless of experience level, with opportunities to reap the benefits of being involved in the Arts.

"Community theatre builds community pride. Audiences are proud to
identify talented performers as “my student,” “my teacher,” “my
minister.” Attending community theater performances builds our sense
of membership in our community."
‐ Harvey Tucker, Professor Texas A&M University

"Community theatre is a team effort opportunity for people of all talents, skills and energy . It enriches the community ‐‐ financially and
artistically. Theatre is a wonderful leveler of people ‐‐ background becomes a moot issue. Plumbers work with and act next to bank presidents, children, and occasionally dogs."
‐ JoAnne Nissen, Ret. VP, MRA‐The Management Association


We have partnered with the City of Owasso and we strive to fuel the City by attracting patrons to the area and fostering civic engagement. However, we know we will succeed only with the support you can provide with your investment in OCTC. Your investment in us drives positive results for the community as well as your business since studies show that while ticket sales generate revenue for the theatre, almost two‐thirds of spending that occurs on a production night are on things like local restaurants, retail shops, and childcare. OCTC plans on making all events spectacular
for everyone involved but we need your help to get us there.
Thank you for your consideration of support and we look forward to seeing you at our productions.

Why Support the Theatre?

Below are our Sponsorship Tiers, and the benefits they bring

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8 Tickets to be used at all of our shows

2 Tickets to the Sponsor Dinner Show

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All Benefits of Redbud Sponsors Plus...

Logo on the main page of our website

Logo on Page 2 on all of our programs in the largest size

Your business' name written into the script of a show

4 Total Sponsor Dinner Show Tickets

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6 total tickets for the Sponsor Dinner Show

*This will appear in a minimum of 4 shows

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