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Behind the Production - About the Theatre!

The Owasso Community Theatre started in 2003 with the first production being "Picnic" by William Inge. Since then, teams of volunteers and board members have organized and performed over 50 productions since! Below, you will find our Board Members who run our organization, as well as an archive of past productions and pictures. We look forward to adding to this archive for many more years to come! 

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Meet the Board

Our Company In Action!

Organizations we are proud to be part of!


History of the Theatre

Below is an archive of the shows our Company has performed since our founding in 2003. As you can see, we have had quite the repertoire over the years!

September 2003

Picnic by William Inge

January 2004

The Emperor's New Clothes

Poster Unavailable
Photo Unavailable

January 2005

Charlotte's Web by E. B. White

Photo Unavailable

September 2005

Cheaper by the Dozen by Christopher Sergei

Poster Unavailable

June 2006

The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman

Photo Unavailable

July 2006

Nunsense by Dan Groggin

Photo Unavailable

September 2006

Mousetrap by Agatha Christie

Photo Unavailable

January 2007

Stuart Little by Joseph Robinette

Photo Unavailable

July 2007

Ruthless by Joel Falley

Program Unavailable
Photo Unavailable

September 2007

Arsenic and Old Lace by Joseph Kesselring

Program Unavailable
Photo Unavailable

January 2008

Babes in Toyland

Program Unavailable
Photo Unavailable

June 2008

The Fantasticks by Diane Morrow

Photo Unavailable

September 2008

The Cemetery Club by Ivan Menchell

Photo Unavailable

February 2009

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit by Joseph Robinette

Photo Unavailable

October 2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Tim Kelly

Photo Unavailable

January 2010

Night of January 16 by Ayn Rand

Photo Unavailable

September 2010

The Adventures of Robin Hood by Michele Vacca

Photo Unavailable

November 2010

Little Women by Peter Clapham

Photo Unavailable

March 2011

Anne of Green Gables by Alice Chadwicke

Photo Unavailable

October 2011

The Wind in the Willows by Zoey Zimmerman

Photo Unavailable

April 2012

The Secret Garden by Tim Kelly

Photo Unavailable

October 2012

Jack and the Magic Beans by Vera Morris

Photo Unavailable

April 2013

Oliver Twist by Joellen Bland

October 2013

Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen by Craig Sodaro

February 2014

Neil Simon's Rumors by Neil Simon

April 2014

Sherlock Holmes by Tim Kelly

October 2014

Night at the Wax Museum by Craig Sodaro

Photo Unavailable

February 2015

Spirit by Peg Kehret

Photo Unavailable

April 2015

Our Miss Brooks by Christopher Sergei

Photo Unavailable

October 2015

How the West Was Dun by Christopher Gieschen

Photo Unavailable

February 2016

A Bad Year for Tomatoes by John Patrick

April 2016

Father Knows Best by Kristin Sergel & Edward James

October 2016

A Murder of Scarecrows by Pat Cook

December 2016

A Seussified Christmas Carol by Peter Bloedel

April 2017

Death by Chocolate by Paul Freed

September 2017

The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel & Gretel by Steph DeFerie

December 2017

The Radio Players: Holiday Show by Nathan Christensen

March 2018

You Can't Get There From Here by Pat Cook

Photo Unavailable

July 2018

The Craving by Don Zolidis

November 2018

Baker Street Irregulars by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus

Photo Unavailable

January 2019

Vintage Hitchcock: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry

Photo Unavailable

May 2019

Barbecuing Hamlet by Pat Cook

July 2019

Lucky Hudson and the 12th Street Gang by Tim Kelly

November 2019

Number the Stars adapted by Douglas W. Larche

October 2020

Back to the 80's by Dean O'Carroll

Cast Photo

March 2021

Godfather by Ashley Searcy

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